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      1. Bull Eye-care LED Reading Light

        Design for Reading

        Art of reading light

        Professional color rendering, free switching.
        Under the guidance of light, enjoy preoccupied reading to find spiritual destination.

        Real Natural Reading?Experience

        Love is like a beam of light

        15° Focused Light for Reading
        Avoiding the sleep of your family being affected.

        Double Protection against Flashing

        First Protection:
        Anti-Surge Circuit

        Double Protection against Flashing

        Second Protection:
        Smooth Current

        Double Protection against Flashing

        Stable light source, relieving fatigue, offering invisible protection, with warmth you can feel.

        Free and Flexible Rotation

        360° horizontal rotation and 15°longitudinal rotation.
        Allow you to adjust the light freely as you like.

        Surge Protector Circuit Double Protection against Flashing 360° Horizontal Rotation 15° Longitudinal Rotation

        Reading Mode

        Normal Mode

        Design for Home

        Free Switching of Light

        Reading lighting and normal lighting can be freely switched based on your demands.

        Quality Design

        Good quality keeps the product in the spotlight

        Metal surface ring, highly bright miniature bulb, aluminum light body.
        Every delicate detail reflects excellent quality.



        Bull Eye-care LED
        Reading Light

        Product Model


        Rated Voltage


        Rated Power


        Color Temperature



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