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      1. Bull wireless charger

        Be able to charge whenever you wish

        Satisfying QI standard for wireless charging,
        automatically matching various devices, charging at a power of 10W to avoid any damage.

        *This product is applicable for charging iPhone at 7.5W, Samsung at 10W, while for other devices which support QC3.0, wireless rapid charging can only be achieved with the assistance of QC3.0 charger.

        Intelligent Rapid Charging

        Concentration of signals, speeding the charging process

        Equipped with magnetic field shielding sheet, concentrate electromagnetic signals to assist in rapid charging.

        Return to normal, light keeps shining.

        Touch metallic object, light flashes.

        Remove the sheet,
        start charging.

        Intelligent Detecting

        Dedicate all energy without wasting, only to the right 'ones'

        Automatically distinguish mobiles from other metallic objects, avoid waste of power.

        Intelligent Detecting

        A phone with a cover
        cannot stop the charger

        6mm effective charging distance and high sensitivity,
        makes it possible to charge your phone when it has a cover
        (except for metallic covers).


        Effective Charging Distance

        Ingenious Design

        Indicator with soft light, avoid dazzling you at night.

        Comfort you with quietness and no disturbance.

        Ingenious Design

        Pores on the edge for quick ventilation and loss of heat.

        Make charging safer.

        Ingenious Design

        Designed to be tiny and handy, which makes it easy to carry.

        Rounded shape and elegant design.

        Ingenious Design

        Utilizing the slippage pretending texture of silica gel.

        Strongly attracts your phone and desktop, providing double protection from slippage.

        Glamorous appearance, together with unique technology.

        Has been honored with 2018 Red Dot Design Award.



        Bull Wireless Charger

        Product Model

        GNV-WA110U(Plate type)

        Input Parameter

        5V~2A   9V~2A

        Rated Power

        5W(5V Input)/10W(9V Input)

        Executive Standard

        GB 4943.1-2011
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